Top tips to make your hot tub more energy efficient

July 18, 2022 / Elicia Allott

With energy bills increasing there are many things you can do to reduce your hot tub running costs and make your hot tub more efficient.  Here are our top tips at Miami Spas.

  1. Turn the temperature down on your hot tub

If you turn your temperature down by 1 or 2 degrees it will of course save costs, in the same way as turning down the heating in your house.

2. Check the condition of your hot tub cover

Is it time you got a new hot tub cover?  Hot tub covers typically last for 5 years depending on usage. New covers are much better insulated so maybe it is time to buy a new one. To make it much easier to lift on and off we recommend a cover lifter. This also avoids damage and your cover will last longer.

3. Insulate your hot tub cabinet

We offer a range of options to provide additional insulation to your hot tub. The options provided will depend on which hot tub you have. Our After Sales team will advise the best option for you.

We have two different options available:

Insulation options

How do I get the energy saving insulation installed?

Our Miami Spas team can install the energy saving hot tub insulation for you.  This will take between 1-2 hours and will cost between £200-£300 depending on which option you choose.

You can book an insulation install in one of three ways:

4. Clean your hot tub filters

Many people ask how often should I clean my filters?  This will depend on your usage, but we recommend you clean them at least once every fortnight. Heavy usage will mean your filters clog up quicker.  If your filters are clean your hot tub will run much more efficiently.

5. Turn your air valve off

Make sure you get your air venturi turned off. This is your air valve for the jets.

6. Check your filter cycle

It is important that you check your filter cycle setting. We advise you to set this to 2 x 2-hour filtration cycle. This is dependent on hot tub use.

7. Install an Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pumps are an energy-efficient and economical way of heating your hot tub or swim spa. They have already proved to be beneficial for heating homes, commercial spaces or swimming pools and now they have become increasingly popular for hot tubs.

Heat pumps make use of significantly less energy when compared to natural gas. Although the time taken to heat the water might be the same as their electric or gas-powered counterparts, the process is much more efficient and economical.

What are the benefits of an Air Source Heat Pump?

  • Savings on hot tub heating bills
  • Can heat up to temperature within 2 hours – great for a quick turnaround
  • Works all year round and down to -15 degrees external temperature
  • Self-regulating and timer controlled

How do I get an Air Source Heat Pump installed? 

You can either purchase an Air Source Heat Pump on the Miami Spas website or alternatively contact our After Sales team to buy the Air Source Heat Pump and we will arrange to install it for you too. The install will take between 4-5 hours and will cost £250.

You can book an Air Source Heat Pump install in one of three ways:

8. Upgrade your hot tub

It may be time to upgrade your hot tub. Hot tubs typically last around 8 years.  Technology and innovation have improved every year so your hot tub from 8 years ago will not be as well insulated as a new one today.  Browse our in-stock hot tubs and you can have a new one delivered to you very soon. Please telephone our Sales team on 01246 541200.

Please note that the above prices apply to the Air Source Heat Pump installation or the Energy Saving Insulation when the location is within a 50 mile radius from S41 9RTOutside this area additional mileage fees applyAdditional mileage fees at £2.10 per mile. Please note, payment for your install must be made at the time of booking.