Upgrade your Hot Tub Insulation

With energy bills increasing there has never been a better time to upgrade your hot tub insulation to save energy usage and therefore energy bills.

We offer a range of options to provide additional insulation to your hot tub. The options provided will depend on which hot tub you have. Our After Sales team will advise the best option for you.

We have three different options available:

Insulation Package

What is involved

Time taken to install



Thermal wrap only

1 hour




Thermal sheet and side panels Kingspan

2 hours



Thermal sheet and side Panels Kingspan and loft insulation all around

3 hours



An example of our Silver Insulation Package

How do I get the Energy Saving Insulation Installed?

Our Miami Spas team can install the energy saving hot tub insulation for you.  This will take between 1-3 hours and will cost between £150-£250 depending on which option you choose.

You can book an insulation install in one of three ways: