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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you purchase a hot tub or even after you purchase one you may have a number of questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help.





The optimum time to stay in a hot tub is 15-25 minutes. We appreciate that some people may want to stay in longer. We recommend that after 15-25 minutes you use the rest seat to ensure your heart is out of the water which allows the top half of your body to cool down and to regulate your temperature.


When looking to purchase a spa it is important that you check key areas such as the quality of the components used such as the control packs, pumps and the jets used.  It is also important to check about the warranty and the after sales service.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our exceptional after care service.


The larger the hot tub the more power and electrical current that is needed. When you go up to three or four pumps for hot tubs you may be looking at a 40-amp feed.

We also do hot tubs for areas where you unable to get that level of power to it. These are called plug and play hot tubs and they are 13 amp. You can plug it into an outdoor waterproof socket and your hot tub will run perfectly.  You can still have the massage jets and music and lights on and don’t need to invest in the cable required or need an electrician to come out.


We offer a delivery service with all of our spas.  This standard delivery includes having the spa upright and pulled on a sledge into your back garden.  We will need clear access all the way down the side of your house – with no steps or nothing sticking out such as a drain pipe, with a minimum of 1m width all the way.  We will get it to the placement where you require it, unwrap it and show you around the hot tub and the functionality and leave it there with you.


Winter is actually the best time to use your hot tub.  The cold weather will keep your head nice and cool whilst you are enjoying the heat of the water and the hydrotherapy benefits. There are winter shut down options available – please don’t shut it down yourself as if you just drain the spa and turn it off you still have water in the pipe works which will then freeze and then expand and will burst your pipes.  So please give us a call and we will arrange to come out and offer a winter service shutdown.


With every spa purchased we give you a starter pack.  You can decide whether you want chlorine or bromine. There are full instructions on the pack and you can always call us for advice.