Before you purchase a hot tub or even after you purchase one you may have a number of questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help.

Before you purchase your hot tub

Why buy from Miami Spas

Health Benefits

The optimum time to stay in a hot tub is 15-25 minutes. We appreciate that some people may want to stay in longer. We recommend that after 15-25 minutes you use the rest seat to ensure your heart is out of the water which allows the top half of your body to cool down and to regulate your temperature.

Yes, hot tubs are good for your skin. Similar to soaking in a bath or sitting in a steam room, your pores will open up so that oil and dirt can be removed. Your hot tub water then works to remove these toxins which is destroyed by the minerals in the water. This will then rejuvenate your skin and makes your skin feel younger.

We would never recommend to take a baby into a hot tub. Infants and toddlers under the age of four should not be permitted in a hot tub at all as babies’ thin skin makes them more susceptible to overheating. No young child should be allowed in a hot tub until they can stand on the bottom and have their head remain completely out of the water. Children who are big enough to be in a hot tub should not use it for more than five minutes at a time. It is also recommended that young children avoid full body immersion, choosing instead to sit on “rest seats” and should not be allowed to use a hot tub unsupervised.

When using a hot tub make sure you take a bottle of water with you to rehydrate yourself. As the temperature of the water is 38-40 degrees this will increase the heat in your body causing you to sweat. Our spas have a 15 minute cut off time which is the optimum time and this is a good time to drink some water and rehydrate.

We do not recommend to drink alcohol in the hot tub. The reason being is when you are in the spa it increases your blood circulation and therefore will increase the rate in which alcohol is travelling through your body.

The hot tub can actually help reduce headaches as long as you are only in the hot tub for 10-15 minutes. A headache is caused by tension – muscle tightness along your shoulders and in your neck can give you a migraine. The hot tubs have jets which give you a massage with the neck, shoulder and back massage jets. So, a little massage will actually help reduce your headache.

The physical wellness benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy are delivered through heat, buoyancy and jet massage. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety, relieves headaches, helps to burn fat faster and is even great for your skin. Hot tubs can boost your circulation and reduce strain on the heart, lowers blood pressure and can even help improve your sleep. A swim spa also gives you the benefit of exercise as well as relaxation.
Hot tubs are also great if you have aching joints from injuries, arthritis or other conditions or disabilities such as fibromyalgia. The warm water and bubbles can help to soothe any aches and pains, often to lasting effect. It also has mental wellbeing benefits as you are spending time with your family and loved ones in the hot tub.

Choosing your hot tub

When looking to purchase a spa it is important that you check key areas such as the quality of the components used such as the control packs, pumps and the jets used. It is also important to check about the warranty and the after sales service. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our exceptional after care service.

This is different for each customer depending on who will be using it – a couple, family or friends. Even if there will only be two people using the hot tub, different options of seats will allow you to soothe different muscles.

There are so many different features to choose from including LEDs lights, jets, music systems, water fountains, downward LED lights, automatic chemicals – you need to pick the features right for you. Lights will help your mood and music will help entertain your guests and automatic dosing will make it easy so you don’t have to add your chemicals in each night – so choose what is the most important feature for you.

Hydrotherapy is the practice of using heated water for pain relief and management—and the best hot tubs promote health and wellness with hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is important, having the warm water massage deep into your back and all the health benefits that it gives to you. A hot tub relaxed muscles and can be used before or after exercise. As little as 20 minutes in a hot tub can help to relax tense muscles and relieve anxiety and stress. The heat of the water makes the blood vessels dilate resulting in an increase in blood circulation.

Electrical questions

The larger the hot tub the more power and electrical current that is needed. When you go up to three or four pumps for hot tubs you may be looking at a 40-amp feed.
We also do hot tubs for areas where you unable to get that level of power to it. These are called plug and play hot tubs and they are 13 amp. You can plug it into an outdoor waterproof socket and your hot tub will run perfectly. You can still have the massage jets and music and lights on and don’t need to invest in the cable required or need an electrician to come out.

There is no such thing as a 32-amp hot tub. 32 amps is the amount of power that is required to run a standard hot tub that will have a heater and a couple of pumps running simultaneously. With a 32 amp you could use it for three or four hours and your heater won’t turn off and the temperature will remain the same.

You will need an electrician to sign off your spa if you are having 32-amp hot tub. This is because it creates a separate feed from the consumer unit inside of your house with a wire leading outside that then goes into the hot tub. It is always recommended to have an electrician to do this. We do have a sub-contracted qualified electrician that can assist you.

Each hot tub is completely different to run due to the variety of pumps, components, insulation and covers. It all comes down to how much you use the hot tub. In the first month you may use it every day, this tends to happen with most customers. After the first month you may start to use it less. You will still use it for the benefits of hydrotherapy and relieving stress but you will see the cost of your electricity come down.

How To Calculate Electricity Usage of Hot Tubs?

Calculating the electricity consumed by the hot tubs is not that much-complicated task. You only need to know the exact formula of electricity consumed and put accurate values in that formula to get the right answer.

If you don’t know the method, then don’t worry, below we have given all the steps through which you can measure the electricity usage of any device.

  • Firstly you need to find out the total wattage of the device (this will vary depending on the model)
  • After knowing the wattage, now you need to recognize the total hours that the device is operating on the electricity in a single day. Once you find the total hours, multiply it with wattage.
  • Following this, divide the result (which you got by multiplying wattage and hours per day) by 1,000. It will give you the result of the total kWh used per day.
  • Now you are familiar with the total kWh that the device is using in a single day. If you want to know about the kWh for a month or year, you only need to multiply the kWh by the specific number of days.
  • After doing all these mentioned stuff, you have to multiply the result by the price of electricity in your city for a single kWh. It will give you the electricity usage and the electricity cost of the hot tub.

Delivery and installation

We offer a delivery service with all hot tubs. This standard delivery includes having the hot tub upright and pulled on a sledge into your back garden. We will need clear access all the way down the side of your house – with no steps or nothing sticking out such as a drain pipe, with a minimum of 1m width all the way. We will get it to the placement where you require it, unwrap it and show you around the hot tub and the functionality and leave it there with you.

These are packaged on a pallet and we use an external freight company to deliver them direct to you. They will only deliver them onto your drive as it is a kerbside delivery.

Our standard delivery does not include an electrician unless you are having a 13-amp power supply and already have the power socket there, we won’t be able to come in and do the electrics for you.

Cranes are also not included in the standard delivery. We work with crane companies nationwide to ensure we get the best rates for you and we can put you in touch with a local company to assist you.

When your hot tub has been delivered it needs to be set up, to be run and the chemicals added with the water reaching the right temperature. We never recommend to get in the hot tub on the first night. We always tell you to leave it until the next day so the chemicals have gone through pipework and settled into your hot tub.

We do not recommend using any type of oils or bath salts in your hot tub because they tend to block the filters and damage electrical components in the hot tub.

Yes, there are delivery upgrade available including cranes. A crane is used if we are unable to physically get the hot tub into your garden and need a crane to assist. You can also upgrade to have full installation and commissioning. We will stay with you whilst your hot tub fills up and give you a full demonstration on the functionality and the control panel and how to use the chemicals. You will also receive the knowledge from our certified technical drivers and installers who will guide you and answer any questions you may have.

Please telephone our logistics team on 01246 559071 or email
We will be happy to help you.

Where you exercise your right to change your mind and cancel the Contract, Product must be returned to us in a saleable condition. We will refund to you all monies paid by you in respect of the price of the returned Product but reserve the right to make reasonable deductions from the amount refunded to you if there are signs of wear and/or use and/or damage. We will process the refund due to you as soon as possible and, in any case, within 30 days of the day on which we receive the Product back. Deposits and Delivery charges are not refundable. For the full terms please read section 11 of the terms and conditions found in the footer.

Hot tub maintenance

Winter is actually the best time to use your hot tub. The cold weather will keep your head nice and cool whilst you are enjoying the heat of the water and the hydrotherapy benefits. There are winter shut down options available – please don’t shut it down yourself as if you just drain the spa and turn it off you still have water in the pipe works which will then freeze and then expand and will burst your pipes. So please give us a call and we will arrange to come out and offer a winter service shutdown.

As with any high value item, you would want to get it serviced on a regular basis. We recommend a service once a year. We offer a variety of packages including drain and fill, a full clean including cleaning your cover, inside your jets and inside your pipes. Additionally, we can do an electronic diagnosis test which involves making sure your pumps are running correctly and your heat is drawing the correct current.

There are so many different chemicals and cleaning products available. This is a personal choice. Some people prefer to use bromine as it is less harsh on the skin and some prefer chlorine as this is easier to regulate and easier to keep control of the levels to make sure they are fine. We provide advice to our customers and help them make the best choice for them. We don’t support any individual brands or type of chemicals – we stock them all.

After you have been using your spa for a few months and had a number of different people in it. Your hot tub will slowly start to build up with bacteria so we have a chemical called a hot tub flush. As you will be draining your hot tub every three months buy the hot tub flush. Place it in your spa, run your spa which will then move the water through the jets and through the pipes and get rid of the bacteria in there.

Filters are the first protection for bacteria as this is where the debris and all of the bacteria gets sucked down. Filters should be checked once or twice a week to make sure they are still clean – you can purchase a filter cleaner. We recommend changing your filter when you change your water which is every three months. But always check your filters once or twice a week.

The Bluetooth code would have been given to you with your hot tub delivery by the driver.  If you are unable to find this then please email

Consult the troubleshooting guide in the owner’s manual. Here you will find step-by-step instructions that help owners check for common issues.

Please contact and we would be happy to assist you.

Chemical Treatments

With every spa purchased we give you a starter pack. You can decide whether you want chlorine or bromine. There are full instructions on the pack and you can always call us for advice.

Shocking a hot tub means applying an ample dose of chlorine (sodium dichlor) or non-chlorine shock (potassium monopersulfate or MPS). One purpose of this treatment is to break-down organic waste contaminants which cause odour and cloudy water.

Cleaning your filters is vital. The best thing you can do is buy a filter cleaner – it is simple and cheap. You put your filter in a bucket of water with the filter cleaner, then let it dry and then re-use your filter.

All chemicals should be added to warm water until dissolved before adding to your hot tub.
Add chemicals to the filter housing so that they go straight through the circulation area.
Leave tub several hours after adding a chemical to have change to circulate before testing and adding more.

  1. Test Alkalinity first and get that up to balance TA – increaser will help this one. Make sure levels are ok before adding any other chemicals.
  2. PH balance once this is at an ok level you can then add chlorine.
  3. Add chlorine last. Do a shock dose for first time or when there is no chlorine present.  Shock will be around 60 grams.

Please leave your tub a full 24/48 hours once chemicals are added before you use your tub, once you have used the tub you will need to add more chemicals as the levels would have dropped in the chlorine.
Test your tub daily until you get the hang of a routine when you will need to add certain chemicals.
Cloudy water is PH balance not level to correct either increase or decrease and leave several hours until tested again to let the chemicals circulate round the tub.
Green water is low chlorine or no chlorine we advise shock dose.