Blainville Hot Tub

The Blainville Hot Tub is a six seater hot tub with 5 seats and 1 lounger, perfect for a family.



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Power Supply 32 AMP
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2200 × 2200 × 910 mm
Weight 340 kg
Jets 57
Pumps 2 X 3HP
Seats/Capacity 6 Persons

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Part of the Maple range, the Blainville is a high performance product built for longevity. With the Blainville you’ll be guaranteed style. Features include a touch control panel, Be Well Shield insulation, Bluetooth and LED waterline jets.

  • 3 acrylic options for the shell and 1 for the side panels
  • 57 Jets with an array of jet formations
  • 2 x 3 HP Pumps
  • Be Well sound with subwoofer
  • Be Well touch control panel
  • LED back light jets
  • Illuminated controllers

Frequently Asked Questions

A 13 amp hot tub is suitable for an area where you are unable to get a 40 amp power supply to it.  Our 13 amp hot tubs do not come with a cable or plug. These will need to be sourced and supplied by you.

Our 13 amp hot tubs do not come with a cable or plug. These will need to be sourced and supplied by you.

The hot tub needs to have its own circuit from the main distribution board, the supply should not be shared.

Please arrange for an electrician to do the following before the delivery day:

  1. Install a 16 amp outdoor waterproof commando socket with RCD protection. Install an earth rod (If required)
  2. Provide a 2.5mm 3 Core Armoured Cable and 16amp commando plug with a minimum of 10m worth of cable left in a loop. Our delivery team are qualified to connect this cable to the inside of the hot tub. However, they will NOT hardwire your hot tub to the mains supply
  3. Ensure the outdoor socket is within 2-5m from the hot tub
  4. Our 13amp hot tubs potentially could be installed with a 13amp plug into a standard socket. This would need to be a dedicated supply from your main distribution board and we recommend you consult with your electrician to ensure this is suitable. However our recommendation is that you install the 16amp commando socket to avoid any future problems.

The larger the hot tub the more power and electrical current that is needed. There is no such thing as a 32-amp hot tub, this is just the amount of power that is required to run a standard hot tub that will have a heater and a couple of pumps running simultaneously. With a 32 amp you could use it for three to four hours and your heater won’t turn off and the temperature will remain the same.

The cost of a hot tub will depend on a number of factors, but our range of premium hot tubs start at £3,499, and cost up to £13,499. The cost of a hot tub will depend on:

  • Size – a larger hot tub will usually cost more
  • Features – number of jets and additional features can impact on cost
  • Construction – premium hot tubs will use a molded acrylic interior construction which is usually more expensive than formed plastic, but is more robust than the cheaper alternative.

You can use our simple on page price filters to match your budget, and you can use our finance calculator if you want to spread the cost over 2 – 4 years.

This depends on how you want to use your hot tub spa – a couple, family or friends. Even if there will only be two people using the hot tub, different options of seats will allow you to soothe different muscles. You may also require a greater number of loungers rather than seats. A 6-person hot tub is a good mid-range tub for families and friends, including setups with loungers to formed-seats. See our hot tub finance options to get your ideal tub.

There are so many different features to choose from including LED lights, jets, music systems, water fountains, and automatic chemicals – you need to pick the features right for you. Lights can set the mood and music will entertain your guests. The automatic dosing will make life easier so you don’t have to add your hot tub chemicals each night.

We offer a delivery service with all of our hot tubs. This standard delivery includes having the hot tub upright and pulled on a sledge into your back garden. We will need clear access all the way down the side of your house – with no steps or anything sticking out such as a drain pipe, with a minimum of 1m width all the way. See our pre-delivery guide for more information. Once situated, we will show you around all the hot tub controls to get you ready to go.

Cranes are not included in the standard delivery. We work with crane companies nationwide to ensure we get the best rates for you and we can put you in touch with a local company to assist you.

Yes, there are delivery upgrades available. You can upgrade to have full installation and commissioning. We will help fill your hot tub, give you a full demonstration on the functionality and the control panel. As well as, how to use the chemicals, hot tub filters and other accessories.

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