Coniston Premium Hot Tub – 4 Person by Aquasolus


The Coniston is a luxury hot tub designed for up to five people with 4 seats and 1 lounger. It includes 62 powerful jets, Bluetooth and LED lighting.

Our Coniston hot tub comes complete with a cover, steps, a starter kit of chemicals, and an additional spare filter


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Power Supply 32 AMP
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2100 × 2100 × 950 mm
Jets 62
Pumps 2 x 3HP & 1 x 0.5HP
Seats/Capacity 5 Persons

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The Coniston accommodates up to 5 individuals, featuring 4 seats and 1 lounger. Crafted with premium Aristech Acrylic finish and equipped with the Ozone water clarifying system.

  • Three colour options for the shell and one for side panels
  • 62 jets with an array of formations
  • Ozone water clarifier keeping your water clean
  • 2 x 3HP pumps and 1 x 0.5 HP circulation pump
  • Keeping your water warm with a 3KW heater
  • Built with Aristech Acrylic – world leading supplierAdditionally, the Coniston hot tub boasts an integrated Gecko In.stream2 Bluetooth music system and sound system, along with Wi-Fi compatibility, making it an ideal choice for relaxation or entertaining guests.In response to the fluctuating energy costs, we prioritized incorporating an impressive insulation process into our AquaSolus range to minimize running expenses. Addressing the primary concern of our customers, our insulation is engineered to deflect cold air while retaining heat within the spa cabinet and efficiently recycling wasted heat generated by components. This innovative design significantly reduces the heater’s operational duration, hence termed Eco-HeatLock.

    Hydrotherapy stands as a key motive behind hot tub purchases, thus driving our focus in designing the AquaSolus range. Hydrotherapy, also known as water therapy, leverages water for therapeutic purposes, offering effective pain relief for chronic conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia, and aiding in muscle repair and alleviating daily aches and pains.

    Creating a massage experience akin to that of a professional therapist in a hot tub presents its challenges. It necessitates precisely positioned jets delivering optimal water flow and movement.

    The AquaSolus HydroFlo system is meticulously crafted to target various muscle groups across the body, delivering a potent yet fully adjustable massage. With a range of jet sizes offering diverse water flow pressures and an array of jet functions, AquaSolus HydroFlo ensures an unparalleled hydrotherapy experience.