Caesars Swim Spa

There is no doubt that the Caesars Swim Spa gives you the best of both worlds, combining two completely separate zones to create the multifunctional swim spa. At one end you can luxuriate in hydrotherapy focused spa with luxurious 7 different mood lighting, and at the other enjoy exercise and family fun in the spacious swim spa.


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Power Supply 1 x 40AMP & 1 x 32AMP
Dimensions (LxWxH) 5900 × 2250 × 1500 mm
Weight 1250 kg
Jets 47
Pumps 3 x 3HP & 2 X 2HP
Seats/Capacity 5 Persons

The water in the two zones is kept completely separate by an internal wall. This feature allows you to set different jet pressures, water temperatures and other in-spa functions for the spa area and the plunge pool – even when you are using both at the same time.

The combination of up to 47 jets, hydrotherapy lounger, easy step-down access, ensures you get the complete experience from the moment you step into the Spa to the moment you step out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, water temperatures should be around 30 degrees for swimming and 33 degrees for spa or aquatic therapy purposes. For using separate spa seats on models like the Caesar Swim Spa for relaxation, 37.5 degrees is recommended. Dual temperature units help to regulate water heat between swim areas and the hot tub spa, and the maximum temperature setting is 40 degrees.

Most swim spas are built with a number of seats to allow rest and relaxation, or simply to take a break from swimming. Some seats are moulded into the shell as part of the spa while others are designed as a separate hot tub area. Depending on how much you want to swim or lounge a separate or included seating area may be chosen; like the Caesars, Thermals Spas Duce or Platinum Spas Helios Swim Spas.

Yes, this is possible. You will need to create a gap around the full swim spa with the measurements of 600mm. We would advise you to create a trap door into your decking which can be used for access if we ever need to get to the side panels for maintenance or repairs.

The quickest way to drain your swim spa using a submersible pump. However, as an alternative draining method, all modern swim spas such as the Eros or the Classico come with a drainage outlet. This manual drainage option will be present whether your spa is a 3 person or 6 person model.

Cranes are not included in the standard delivery package. However, we work with many nationwide crane companies and can offer preferred rates to Miami Spas customers. We can help you to arrange local delivery and ensure that your swim spa is delivered professionally and safely.

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