Delano Swim Spa

Boasting a full range of swim spa features, the Delano Swim Spa is the most compact 1.5 m deep swim spa model in The Vegas Range. Enjoy all the benefits of a swim spa without giving up the space required for a pool.


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Please note that cranes are not included in your swim spa delivery - please contact us for a quote or if you think you may need a crane assisted delivery

More Information

Power Supply 32 AMP
Dimensions (LxWxH) 4500 × 2250 × 1500 mm
Weight 810 kg
Jets 24
Pumps 4 x 3HP & 1 x 1HP
Seats/Capacity 4 Persons

The spacious layout of the Delano Swim Spa allows hydrotherapy seating for up to three adults for a relaxing hydro massage.

The Delano Swim Spa is the perfect choice to enjoy the best of both worlds. A spacious swim spa plus relaxing hydrotherapy massage gives you double the health and wellbeing benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cranes are not included in the standard delivery. We work with crane companies nationwide to ensure we get the best rates for you and we can put you in touch with a local company to assist you.

Yes, this is possible. You will need to create a gap around the full swim spa with the measurements of 600mm. We would advise you to create a trap door into your decking which can be used for access if we ever need to get to the side panels.

Yes, your swim spa does come with a drainage outlet that is located at the bottom of the swim spa. However, a quicker way to drain your swim spa would be with a submersible pump.

The water temperature can be set up to 40 degrees. The ideal water temperature for swimming is around 30 degrees but aquatic therapy should be up to 33 degrees. If you want to lounge in the therapy seats and relax then we recommend you set it to 37.5 degrees.
In the swim spas which have dual temperature units, where there is a barrier between the swim area and the hot tub; the hot tub side of the unit can be heated to 40 degrees.

Yes, you may get a little wet from any splashes but sit back, relax and enjoy the watching them swim or workout.

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