Most common hot tub questions answered

November 16, 2022 / Elicia Allott

Whether you are in the market for a hot tub, or a current hot tub owner, you may have some unanswered questions regarding hot tubs. Here we have answered the most common questions asked about hot tubs to keep all the information in one place for your convenience.

How much does it cost to run a hot tub per day?

The amount of money it costs to run a hot tub depends on a multitude of factors such as usage, water temperature, jet power and whether or not an Air Source Heat Pump is being used.

Here at our Miami Spas by Superior Wellness showroom we conducted a 72 hour test comparing the cost difference between a hot tub using an Air Source heat Pump, and a hot tub without, to find out how much it costs to run a hot tub.

This was a 72 hour test with a one-hour filter cycle. The water temperature was 39 degrees centigrade and the average outside air temperature was 16 degrees centigrade.

The test was in accordance with the CEC guidelines (California Energy Commission).

The results showed that the hot tub with a Superior Wellness Heat Pump amounted to £0.79p a day compared to the hot tub with no heat pump costing £1.63 a day.

Can I drink in a hot tub?

We do not recommend to drink alcohol in the hot tub. The reason being is when you are in the spa it increases your blood circulation and therefore will increase the rate in which alcohol is travelling through your body.

However, we appreciate that some people may still want to enjoy a drink in the hot tub when socialising however, this does come with certain risks. If you understand the risks of drinking in a hot tub along with knowing how to stay safe, having a drink in a hot tub can be an enjoyable experience. Here are ways you can responsibly drink in your hot tub.

  • Stay hydrated – consume water in between alcoholic drinks to prevent dehydration.
  • Take frequent breaks out of the tub – this will let your body rest from the extreme heat and avoid heat exhaustion.
  • Use plastic cups – the last thing anyone wants in the hot tub is broken glass, so making the switch to plastic cups is an easy alternative

What are the main health benefits of using a hot tub?

Hot tubs are great if you have aching joints from injuries, arthritis or other conditions or disabilities such as fibromyalgia. The warm water and bubbles can help to soothe any aches and pains, often to lasting effect. To learn more about how a hot tub can help sore muscles please read our blog, Sore Muscles and Hot Tubs: Does Soaking Help?

What is the best seating arrangement for a hot tub?

The best seating arrangement for your hot tub completely depends on you and how you’ll use it. For example, if you plan on hosting gatherings to use the hot tub as a social gathering point it may be best to opt for an all-seater hot tub, allowing more people to fit in the hot tub. If your main reason for purchasing a hot tub is to experience its hydrotherapy benefits, then it may be best to choose a hot tub with a lounger, as it allows you to fully submerge your body so you can feel the full benefits of the massaging jets.

If you want to read more about which hot tub seating arrangement is best for you, please read our blog To lounge or not To Lounge: Should I get a hot tub with a lounger?

If you have a question that isn’t featured above then please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or get in touch with the team.