To lounge or not to lounge? – Should I get a hot tub with a lounger

March 17, 2022 / Sarah Elphick

With the design of hot tubs continually evolving many spas include a number of seating formations moulded into the tub and some even come with lounger or non-lounger options. As with most decisions related to your hot tub purchase, there is no right or wrong answer. The question of whether you should have a lounger or not will be down to personal preference and what you want to use the hot tub for. 

The benefit of having a lounger like in the Aria hot tub, is that you can fully submerge under the water right up to the neckline, whilst stretching out with your feet up. Many hot tub owners will agree that there is nothing that feels quite so relaxing as sinking fully underneath the warm bubbles. But, if you are using your hot tub purely for entertaining, having more seats may be better for you. 

Let’s look at some of the lounger pros and cons to help you decide what’s best.


Being able to lie in a fully relaxed position.

For some hot tub owners, the primary reason for investing in a spa is to soothe and relax aching muscles. If this is the reason you are getting a tub, or you are using it to ease medical conditions, then a hot tub such as the Marseille or the Bellagio with built-in loungers may be preferable.

Full massage capability

Hot tubs with loungers typically have jets positioned at strategic points so you can get an all-over massage of shoulders, back and legs. 

Complete immersion

Unlike being in a seated position, loungers allow the hot tub user to be completely covered by water, something that is not quite as easy to achieve with standard seating. 


Less space

Depending on how many people will be using the hot tub, there will be less available seating for people. Longers take up almost a whole side of a hot tub and while that is perfect for relaxation, it may be less than ideal for entertaining.

Less effective massage

Even in a reclined position the intensity and quality of water massage will depend on the power and positioning of the jets. Check the hot tub model you are considering buying to ensure that the number of jets and placement is adequate. 


Laying out in the water may be relaxing, but some people find it tricky to remain on the lounger. Floating can be a problem for some hot tub users and it is harder to stay in place on a lounger than on standard seats. 

How to choose the right model for you?

Determine what you will primarily use your hot tub for, entertaining or relaxation and consider how many people will typically be using the tub. There is a wide selection of sizes from 2 or 3 person, to 8 person hot tubs that will suit any sized family. 

Once you decide on the use and number of people you can then assess different hot tub models. You should evaluate the type of seating to decide whether loungers or standard seating will work better for you. The number of water jets is also an important factor. If you are installing a hot tub for therapeutic or massaging purposes then you may want to invest in a tub with a higher jet count like this Vancouver model.

If you do decide to get a hot tub with an included lounger, it can be worth sitting in the tub to test out the comfort of the seating. While many tubs like the Wynn and the Neptune include moulded loungers, not all will offer the best level of comfort. If you are a larger person or have a petite build, you may find that certain models or designs feel more comfortable for you, so try before you buy.