Chill Tubs – Original

The Chill Tubs Ice Tub offers the ultimate form of cold water therapy. It operates at temperatures down to 3°c and requires minimal maintenance. Unlock your potential and embrace the cold with Chill Tubs.



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Power Supply 13 AMP
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1800 × 730 × 750 mm
Weight 125 kg
Seats/Capacity 1 Person

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*Now goes down to 3 degrees Celsius

Unlock your potential. Break through mental barriers. Feel invigorated. A Chill Tub will change your outlook on life and allow you to break through your own boundaries and make you feel you can take on the world. An ice tub is a recovery technique used by athletes and individuals looking to reduce muscle soreness and inflammation after physical activity.


Maintaining your ice tub keeps it clean and hygienic, while also protecting it from damage. If you want to keep it clean, you should combine both prevention and treatment to protect it.

The filter should be cleaned every month and replaced every three months. We recommend cleaning the ice tub with soapy water or hot tub surface cleaner. We do not recommend household cleaning products.


Our Chill Tubs warranty provides coverage for defects in workmanship and defects normal functions that arise during normal use conditions for a period of 2 years from the date of delivery.