AquaSparkle Immerse Aqua Sachet 100g (2 x 50g)

AquaSPArkle Immerse is a dual sachet of powdered hot tub filter cleaner that effectively removes oils, grease and scale from hot tub filters.

Supplied as 2 x 50g sachets.


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Immerse is a rapidly soluble formula that may be used in a Filter Soak Container or in a clean dishwasher.

Use When soaking the filter use one 50g sachet per 9 litres of water, ensure that the cartridge is completely immersed and soak overnight. Alternatively, sprinkle the powder around the filter and into the pleats, place the filter in an emply, clean dishwasher and run a 50degC wash cycle..

For best results allow the filter cartridge to dry naturally before re-installing in the hot tub.