Tips for preparing for your hot tub delivery

May 23, 2022 / Sarah Watkins

Once you have purchased your Miami Spas hot tub, you may find yourself wondering what happens next. Things like delivery and installation will need to be handled, and if this is your first hot tub you may need some help to get everything ready and set up. This guide will help you to complete the necessary hot tub delivery requirements and make sure that your hot tub will be delivered to your home and set up without any problems. 

1. Select your location

You must choose the spot where your hot tub will be situated before the day of delivery. Select the place where you want it to be placed and check measurements to make sure your hot tub will fit. Make sure that you have access to the appropriate power source. Hot tub installation may be needed depending on the type of hot tub purchased. Plug and play hot tubs can connect to a normal household power outlet while 32A units will require installation by an electrician.

2. Clear obstructions

Delivery of your hot tub can be made easier by having a clear path to lift, move, and position the tub in its chosen location. Any obstructions or debris should be removed to reduce the chance of slips or trips that may cause damage to the tub. Notice should be taken of things like garden steps, pipework, and wall fixtures that can scratch the tub and cause damage. Point these out to the delivery team to avoid any mishaps.

3. Keep pets indoors

Cats and dogs that are usually free to roam around the garden should be kept indoors. Along with the risk that pets may run outside or leave the property, they can get underfoot and cause unfortunate accidents if left unattended. For safety purposes and to reduce the risk of damaging your hot tub keep any animals securely inside the house until the delivery is complete.

4.Provide access to water

The delivery team will need to fill the hot tub to ensure things like jets and water heaters are working properly so we will need access to a water source. An outdoor tap will work perfectly and a hosepipe should be on hand to fill the tub. Each Miami Spas hot tub comes with a chemical starter kit to provide you with test strips and water treatments so you can start using your hot tub right away.

Here we have answered some of the most common questions we get asked about your Hot Tub delivery to make the process as simple as possible. 

Who delivers my hot tub?

All Miami Spas hot tub delivery is handled by a 2 man delivery team who will ensure that your new hot tub is delivered and positioned correctly. They will fill and run the hot tub to confirm that everything is working as it should. Our experts will unload, unpack, and move the hot tub into position along with installing extras like side or under-mounted cover lifters. The packaging will be collected and removed to leave your property clean and tidy, all as part of our free hot tub delivery service. 

Do hot tubs come apart for delivery?

Hot tubs are delivered as a single unit. This applies to tubs of all sizes whether you have purchased a 3 or 6 person hot tub. On delivery, the hot tub will be removed from the delivery vehicle and carefully carried to its location. The entire unit will be lifted as a single piece and the packaging will be removed once it is in place. Optional extras like steps and cover lifters come separately and our delivery team will attach them to the hot tub as needed. 

How do I arrange hot tub delivery?

Arrangements can be made directly with Miami Spas to choose a time and date for your hot tub delivery. If you have ordered a hot tub that is in stock, you can expect delivery in as little as 5 days. If you have ordered an out of stock product then our sales team will discuss the expected delivery date and time with you. Alternatively, you can arrange to collect your hot tub directly from our warehouse. 

How much does hot tub installation cost?

Any hot tub purchased from Miami Spas comes with delivery included. Our team will handle the delivery, installation, and testing of your hot tub all at no additional cost. Our experts can install your hot tub quickly with minimum fuss and answer any questions you have. 

How much is a crane for delivery?

Should you need to hire a crane to lift your hot tub onto your property, Miami Spas can help you arrange a rental. Although Miami Spas does not supply its own cranes, we do have relationships with crane rental companies across the country that will offer Miami Spas customers favourable pricing. We can put you in touch with a local company to discuss the details of your hot tub delivery.