Niagara pump


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• High flow rates exceeding 44 m3/h for maximum performance in your
luxury applications.
• All seals are carbon ceramic with Viton® Elastomers for long-lasting
performance, easily enduring prolonged heat and chemical exposure.
• Multi-directional volute mountings provide the flexibility to
accommodate any configuration; 63mm, 2” and 2.5” union options.
• Choose single or 2-speed motors from 2 or 3 HP. With 2-speed
models, sanitation and heating can occur while maintaining lower
operational costs.
• Specify an ultra efficient motor and our highest efficiency hydraulics
versions help meet appliance efficiency regulations.
• The pumps are supplied with centre suction and 2 drain connections
to ensure total drainage of pump.
• The Niagara pumps are VDE approved according to European
norms EN60335-1 and EN60335-2-41.

• 90 frame size
• True rated 2 and 3 HP models
• Center suction / radial side discharge orientation
• 230V, 50Hz TEFC motors for Europe, IPx5
• 2″ suction and discharge port
• Class F insulation
• Cable with AMP plug, ready for all spa pack or plug and play connection