Mercury Hot Tub

This three person hot tub is the ideal option for couples. An elegant hot tub with comfortable seats and 51 jets giving you a powerful hydraulic massage.

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Power Supply 32 AMP
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2200 × 1700 × 940 mm
Weight 275 kg
Jets 51
Pumps 2 HP, 3 HP
Seats/Capacity 3 Persons

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Thermals Spas Mercury hot tub
Thermals Spas Mercury hot tub

Introducing the Thermals Mercury Hot Tub – your ultimate relaxation oasis right in your own backyard! Designed with your comfort in mind, this luxurious hot tub accommodates up to 3 people, featuring one ergonomic seat and two non-float loungers meticulously crafted to cradle your body and deliver a rejuvenating massage experience.

Equipped with 51 hydrotherapy jets and the user-friendly Gecko Control System, the Mercury offers a customizable relaxation journey tailored to your preferences. Its efficient 3kW heater ensures the water stays at the perfect temperature, while the Thermo-Lock Insulation System guarantees exceptional energy efficiency. Illuminate your evenings with vibrant LED lighting and set the mood with built-in Bluetooth speakers for a truly immersive experience.

Experience unparalleled cleanliness with the state-of-the-art no-bypass filtration system and ozone disinfection technology, ensuring crystal-clear water and prolonged product lifespan. Transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary of tranquility, whether you’re unwinding after a long day, hosting a gathering, or simply indulging in some well-deserved me-time.

Discover the next level of relaxation with the Thermals Mercury Hot Tub – your personal retreat awaits!

  • 51 jets with an array of jet formations
  • 2 colour options
  • Ozone
  • 1 X 2HP pumps and 1 x 3HP pumps
  • 3kw heater
  • Gecko control system

Everything is under your control

With our Mercury hot tub, you are in complete control with the user-friendly control panel.

This control panel gives you control of the powerful 2HP and 3HP pumps, as well as the 51 jets.

All the comfort

The Mercury hot tub is equipped with 2 loungers and 1 comfortable seat.

This hot tub is built comfortably to handle a family or a group of friends.

Build Quality

Using the Gecko 3 KW heater, the Mercury has a solid heating unit, meaning that it can maintain a consistent temperature for your hot tub all day long.

Available in sterling silver and odyssey shell colour, this hot tub fits in all settings, no matter what your specific taste is.