Inspire Premium Pool and Spa Chlorine Starter Kit

The InSpire Premium Pool and Spa Starter Kit is the key to achieving luxurious, safe and sparkling water to enhance your hydrotherapy experience.

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This kit provides you with products to keep your water safe, balanced and fresh at an affordable price. A one box solution that makes maintaining your water quick and easy, whilst reducing the need for costly remedy products.

Contains popular Spa Revive that reinvigorates lifeless water and adds a little sparkle to a dull tub. Perfect for using after a heavy bathing session or after a party.

Kit Description

  • 1kg Stabilised Chlorine Granules
  • 500g pH Plus
  • 500g TA Plus
  • 750g pH Minus
  • 500g Spa Revive (shock)
  • 50 Test strips
  • Inspire Chemical Guide

Product Summary

Chlorine Granules – Chlorine granules are ideal for daily dosing of your pool or spa, to kill bacteria and potentially harmful organisms in the water. Using this regularly will ensure water is safe for splashing and soaking. For pools chlorine levels should be between 1-3mg/l and for spas it should be between 3-5mg/l

pH Reducer – pH reducer is required when your pH is above 7.6. This is necessary as scale can form when the pH is above this level. Both pool and spa water should be between 7.2 and 7.6

pH Increaser – pH increaser is required when your pH is below 7.2. This is necessary as the water can become corrosive and cause discomfort for bathers. Both pool and spa water should be between 7.2 and 7.6

TA Increaser – TA increaser is required if the TA is below 80mg/l. If TA is below this amount, it can be difficult to control your pH and the water can be corrosive. TA levels for a pool should be between 80-150mg/land for a spa should be between 80-120mg/l.

Revive – Revive is a shock product with added clarifier to remove bather waste that can build up in your pool or spa. For best results, use weekly or use after a high bather load (party) or heavy use to achieve crystal clear water and prevent cloudy water. Regular oxidising helps to prevent problems such as foaming, clouding and biofilm formation.

Test strips – The test strips give you information on your TA, pH and chlorine levels so you know if adjustments are necessary. It is advised that you test your pool or spa at least once a day to ensure your levels are within the recommended ranges. This will ensure your water is safe and comfortable to bathe in.