2 InSpire Filter Cartridges for Lay-Z-Spa

Two high quality direct replacement filters for your Lay-Z-Spa.


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Filters are an essential part of any range of hot tubs or swim spas. They help remove particulates, debris and other unwanted contaminates.

Our high-end quality filters will help with keeping your water crystal clear, ensuring the best performance and giving you the best hot tub experience possible.


Top & Bottom Holes – 51.5mm

Height – 79mm

Diameter – 105mm

Advanced Fabric

The filter contains Density Combined Micro-filtration Fabric, which captures smaller impurities and dirt.

Large Filtration Area

The filter has a large filtration area of 120 square feet, which is able to accommodate a fairly high dirt-holding capacity.

High Flow

The filter provides the most efficient flow and excellent filtration performance while it is east to clean and maintain.

Anti-microbiological End Caps

The end caps inhibit the growth of bacteria and resist chlorine degradation.

Secure Flow Core

The strong and powerful core provides a great support to bear higher water pressure while it does not reduce the flow.