Our ‘must-have’ hot tub accessories

March 24, 2022 / Sarah Watkins

Hot tub owners who have had their Miami Spas hot tub for a while may be interested to know that there are a number of extras and accessories available. These accessories are made to enhance your hot tub experience even more and can help with things like cleaning or entertainment. For those who use their hot tub regularly, adding accessories can increase comfort or help to keep spa water at an optimal level. Cover lifters and spa steps can assist entry and exit and make accessing the hot tub safer and easier, and things like floating dispensers can help water remain clean and fresh. 

What are the must-have hot tub accessories?

There are many accessories on the market to choose from, but depending on the size and style or tub, as well as what you use it for, there are some extras that may be essential. Here are some of the most popular options. 

Cover lifter

Removing and replacing the hot tub cover can be heavy work, especially if your tub is positioned in an area that’s tricky to access or has limited space. Installing a cover lifter makes lifting and lowering the cover much easier. Cover lifters can be both under-mounted and side-mounted – this is convenient if you have a larger hot tub or have one with a heavy cover. 

Hot Tub Steps

Water has the unfortunate disadvantage of making surfaces wet and slippery. Hot tub steps can be a must-have addition from a safety standpoint. Investing in a good set of hot tub steps can prevent slips and falls and make entry and exit much safer. It can also be nicer to step out of your tub onto solid steps rather than a cold, damp surface. Miami Spas hot tub steps are finished with a non-slip coating to minimise the risk of accidents. The Towel bar keeps your towel dry and within easy reach making leaving your tub a breeze after relaxing in the bubbles. 

Floating Spa Bar

This is one of our favourites! If you like to relax or entertain guests in your hot tub then a floating spa bar is an excellent way to keep the party going. This versatile hot tub accessory is capable of holding a number of glasses and drinks bottles in moulded recesses. The spa bar is buoyant and floats on top of the water so that guests can retrieve and replace their glass as needed. Some spa bars even contain LED lights for added effect!

Hot tub Gazebo

Hot Tub Gazebo

As well as adding privacy, a gazebo can be essential for keeping hot tubs clean while in use. If you happen to live in a high traffic area or are surrounded by an abundance of trees, a gazebo can be helpful in keeping dust and leaves out of your hot tub. Gazebos come with netting or curtains that can be left open or closed – offering a private or semi-private area for hot tub use. Gazebos can be perfect for those times when you want to shut out the world and relax while enjoying a soak! 

Other accessories

At Miami Spas, there are even more accessories available that hot tub owners may choose to use. Hot tub components can become tired or worn with repeated use so things like hot tub headrests can be useful. Replacing worn headrests can renew the level of comfort and will make your hot tub look brand new. 

Other accessories help keep your tub clean and well maintained. Floating filters, replacement pumps, and new heaters can all keep your tub operating at optimum levels. While things like chemical starter kits, hot tub flush treatments and mineral cartridges keep your Hot tub water clean and germ-free. 

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