Looking after your hot tub in summer

July 13, 2022 / Sarah Watkins

Keeping your hot tub operating in peak condition during the warmer summer months so it’s ready for a dip any time, can require a bit of care and maintenance. Just as in the winter when your tub needs to be prepared for the cold weather, getting your hot tub ready for the summer temperatures is essential. Managing energy usage can mean that your tub stays cleaner for longer, and takes less to run, saving you on electric bills. 

Here’s how to get the most from your hot tub this summer.

Cleaning and preparation

Before the balmy summer days hit, it is best to thoroughly check your hot tub for any signs of wear or damage. This can be especially true if your tub has gone unused during the winter. Drain the tub, check for leaks, change filters and give your hot tub a good clean. Once refilled, make sure that the heating element and jets are functioning properly, and that your tub is in complete working order. It can make sense to check replaceable components of your hot tub like headrests and covers. They may become worn or cracked from being exposed to heat and cold and will need to be monitored for signs of wear and tear. 

Minimum temperature for hot tub in summer

Soaking in warm water may feel delightful on crisp spring days, but once the temperature starts rising, you might not want your hot tub to be quite so toasty. Turn the thermostat down a few degrees so that a dip in the hot tub is more refreshing, and provides a break from the heat. Instead of the usual 40 degrees, try reducing your hot tub water to a 30 or 35 degree setting. This will ensure that sitting in the hot tub after being in the sun is nice and refreshing and doesn’t cause problems like heat stress. Making sure that the temperature is at a more comfortable level will prevent the risk of dehydration on hot days. It can reduce the amount of energy needed and substantially lower the cost of running the hot tub as well. 

Looking after your hot tub

Summer heat and increased usage, especially if not washing off all skin products before use, can mean that your hot tub water can accumulate dirt and bacteria more easily so will need more looking after. Warm water can be a breeding ground for unwelcome visitors so you will need to take a few precautions to make sure your tub remains clean and sanitary. To keep the water as clean as possible, take a quick rinse in the shower before using the tub to prevent transferring sweat, skincare products like sunscreen and skin cells to the water. After use, make sure to clean your hot tub regularly. If your hot tub has a cover then ensure that it is fastened closed when the tub is not in use to prevent dirt and debris from finding its way into the water. Owing to the problems caused by heat it can make sense to drain your tub more frequently for cleanliness and hygiene reasons. Test your water often and drain and refill your hot tub as needed. 

When using your tub on hot summer days, it is a good idea to keep water on hand and drink regularly to stay hydrated. If needed, limit your time in the tub if needed to prevent any chance of overheating. Soaking in a hot tub during the summer can be a great way to cool off and get out of the heat. Get the maximum benefit by keeping the water temperature low to enjoy the refreshing coolness.