How to prepare your hot tub for winter

November 30, 2021 / Sarah Watkins

We personally believe that the best time of the year to use a hot tub is in the cold season. Some of our customers shut down their spas over the winter months, but solely draining and turning off your hot tub can result in issues. It is important to fully winterise a hot tub to ensure that damage arising from freezing conditions and poor weather is prevented. Winterising your hot tub correctly will give the best protection during the period your spa is shut down.

If you are not planning to use your outdoor hot tub in winter or will be away for the winter period, then you will need to shut down the hot tub completely by following these steps.

1. Switch off the power

Make sure the heater and all power to the hot tub is cut off completely. 

2. Empty the hot tub

Drain the water from your hot tub and once it is empty ensure that all jets and filters are clean and debris-free.

3. Dry fittings and jets

Make sure any remaining water pooled in fittings, pipes, or jets is thoroughly dried. Standing water can cause damage to pipes in freezing weather. 

4. Clean and cover

Take the opportunity to give the entire tub thorough cleaning before covering it. A good quality cover with locking clasps will help to keep your hot tub dry and protected from the elements. 

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Winter Shutdown Service

Here at Miami Spas, we offer a shutdown service. As part of this package, one technician will be allocated a standard 3 hours to service your hot tub and they’ll remove and clean each jet internally if possible. This is due to some materials deteriorating over time making some jets non-removable as it may cause damage for some.

In the event that two technicians should arrive on-site, you will only be charged as quoted. On occasions when more than one technician visits a site, this is normally due to training or the need for more than one technician on a previous or later service visit during that day.

To book your service online, please visit our service page to view our service packages and find out more about what to do prior to us attending.

Preparing your hot tub for winter use

If you will be using your hot tub as normal during the winter months then you can prepare it to make sure that your spa and heater continue to operate properly. Get your hot tub ready for winter use by doing the following:

Location & Relocation

The winter months can be a time to rethink the location of your hot tub. There are many factors that may lead to you needing to relocate during winter and in particular the wind. We all know wind multiplies the chill factor, so protecting your hot tub from it in the winter is a no-brainer, and a money saver. So, if you are planning on relocating your tub for the winter season then keep in mind the prevailing wind and try to find a place whereby it can be blocked.

Water change and Deep clean

Changing your water is always good practice, however, what many hot tub owners forget is changing your water just before the cold months hit and giving it a thorough clean can be very beneficial for keeping your hot tub nice and healthy.

Prior to winter use drain your hot tub and give it a thorough clean with the recommended cleaning products. Make sure all jets and filters are clean and free of dirt.

Once your tub has been thoroughly scrubbed, refill it with clean water and let it heat up to temperature as normal.

Closing your Hot Tub properly

When closing your hot tub, you need to make sure your cover is absolutely tight, not only to keep the heat in but to also avoid any debris from sneaking into your tub.

If you’re not using your hot tub as much in winter it is especially important that your tub remains securely covered to keep the heat in. Keeping the cover on and locked in place will keep costs down by making sure the heater isn’t running continuously.

Thermal Blankets

Having a thermal blanket is a great way of keeping your hot tub warm, especially during the winter season plus they also keep your energy bills down. The general idea isn’t too dissimilar to insulating your home, you do everything you can to avoid any heat loss so that you aren’t constantly having to reheat it. This also avoids the possibility of your hot tub receiving any freeze damage which is very common among most hot tubs during the cold months. For extreme weather conditions and very cold climates, some hot tubs include a ‘freeze protection mode’. Use this if you think your hot tub is at risk of freezing to protect your pump and internal mechanisms.


Can plug and play hot tubs be used in winter?

Plug and play hot tubs can be used during the winter but may not heat the water as quickly as in the summer months. The water may take longer to heat to the required temperature if conditions are extremely cold.

How to maintain my hot tub during winter?

Keeping your hot tub covered, and the water clean and warm will prevent many weather-related issues. If you prefer to have your hot tub maintenance done for you Miami Spas offers hot tub servicing packages.

How to insulate a hot tub for winter?

Keep your hot tub heating as it should by checking and replacing worn-out filters, regular cleaning, and inspecting covers for damage or cracks. For very cold weather some hot tub owners choose to add extra insulation to protected pipes, heaters, and pumps from icy weather. 

Should I drain my hot tub for winter?

If you are going to be away for long periods or are not planning on using it then it may be best to completely drain and cover the hot tub. Leaving it standing unused can lead to problems with water deterioration and possible mould.