Hot Tub Landscaping On a Budget

June 27, 2022 / Sarah Watkins

Summer is here again, and if you have had thoughts about renovating or landscaping your garden you may want some fresh ideas for incorporating a hot tub into your new space. If budget is a consideration, then there are some things that you can do to enhance your garden and show off your new hot tub without breaking the bank. 

Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas

As a hot tub is the perfect way to be outdoors and enjoy your garden space, it makes sense to design your garden with your spa in mind. Not only to create a pleasant atmosphere but your landscape design can also help with functionality and things like accessing or exiting the tub. Whether you enjoy being outdoors in a hot tub or a swim spa, then these budget-friendly gardening ideas will make your space look stunning. 

 Apply a new coat of paint 

One of the best ways to make your garden pop is by keeping everything freshly painted. A new coat of paint or varnish can help things like fences, seating, and benches look brand new. Consider using a different colour that’s in style and bring the latest modern look of the season to your garden space. Maybe even coordinate your paint colour with your hot tub base colour to tie it all in together. Depending on the shade of paint you choose you can make your garden look hip and vibrant, or serene and calm. 

Pressure wash paths and patio areas

Paths and patios that are dirty and covered with lichen and loose pebbles or gravel don’t look appealing, so sweep them off and give them a blast with a pressure washer. The surfaces will come up looking like new for a fraction of what it would cost to pour a concrete path or re-lay paving stones. Depending on what your path is made from you can redesign it a bit to make a welcoming walkway up to your hot tub for easy entry and exit. It will also save you from having to walk over wet or cold grass to access your tub. 

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Invest in a gazebo

One way to define the hot tub area and make it really pop is by adding a gazebo. For a relatively low cost adding one of these garden accessories to your hot tub landscaping will make your soaking area look both stylish and purpose built. Along with creating an aesthetically pleasing look, adding a gazebo will also help to minimise the dirt and debris that finds its way into hot tub water, keeping your tub sparkling fresh and ready for use. If you have a small backyard that needs designing around your hot tub placement, this can be a great way to separate the area from the rest of the garden. 

Use plants liberally

Plants can make an extremely affordable addition to the garden area, so whether you are performing hot tub landscaping for a small backyard or a gigantic area, plants can make it look amazing. Shrubs, climbing plants, and bushes can all be placed strategically around or near your hot tub. Not only will it look inviting, but the correctly placed shrubbery can also offer privacy to the occupants of the hot tub. Even if you have limited flower bed and lawn space, planters can be a great way to introduce different levels to your garden and, if placed strategically, can incorporate steps up to your hot tub. 

If you are planning on landscaping your garden for your new hot tub then incorporating these ideas will make it a welcoming and inviting space. Making an attractive area doesn’t have to cost a fortune and a hot tub space can be made to look stunning even with a limited budget.