Chlorine or Bromine Tablet Dispenser

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How to Use

1. Open the top hatch (turn anti-clockwise until it cannot go any further), then lift up to release the top cover.

2. Remove and read the included warning sheet.

3. Add 3-4 Small 20g Tablets.

4. Turn the bottom grill anti-clockwise to open it up. (You can close this wherever needed to reduce the amount of chlorine being dispensed into the water, by turning the blue ring clockwise.

5. Prior to putting this dispenser into your pool or spa, adjust the PH level to the ideal range of 7.2-7.6 to promote bather comfort.

6. Place the dispenser into the water and hold underwater for a few seconds to allow all the air to leave the dispenser and allow the dispenser to be more stable whilst floating

7. Continue to test your pool or spa a few days after placing the dispenser in your pool or spa to check for the ideal chlorine level, then adjust the dispenser where needed by either removing or adding tablets, or simply adjusting the grill. Make sure your dispenser is removed while swimmers are bathing. Why use a Floating Dispenser?

· Allows for some forgetfulness unlike the manual addition of chlorine. The constant chlorination will mean you can to some extent, leave and forget. Obviously this is not recommended but it takes up less time than adding chlorine granules manually.

· Very useful for going away on holiday as it will keep a constant supply of chlorine or bromine in your hot tub or swimming pool.

· The slow dissolving tablets allow an equal spread of chemical without the need to turn on the pumps, saving energy.

Can be used in…

· Portable Hot Tubs. · In ground Hot Tubs. · Above ground pools. · Paddling Pools. · Inflatable Hot Tubs.

How to Use A Floating Dispenser:

1. Open the top hatch by turning it anti-clockwise until it cannot turn any further, and then lift it up to release the lid.

2. Check if there is a warning label inside and if so remove it.

3. Add From 2-5 Small Bromine/Chlorine 20g Tablets

4. Put the lid on the dispenser, (the engraved marks on the dispenser should be matched to slots on lid) and turn it clockwise to secure it on.

5. Turn the bottom blue grill anti-clockwise to open it up, this is how the Bromine/Chlorine is released into the water, you can decrease the amount by turning the grill clockwise and increasing the amount by turning it anti clockwise.

6. Prior to putting the dispenser into your swimming pool or spa. Adjust the PH level to the ideal range of 7.2-7.6. This promotes bather comfort.

7. To place into water correctly, hold it underwater for 2-5 seconds, this allows all the air to leave the dispenser, and allows the dispenser to be a lot more stable whilst floating.

8. Continue to test your swimming pool/ spa a few days after placing the dispenser into it, this is because you need to check the chlorine/bromine levels, if they do need to be adjusted you can do this by adjusting the grill or by simply adding or removing tables from the dispenser.


· Ensure that whilst your swimming pool or hot tub is in use, that the dispenser is removed from the water. · Handle chemicals with care, in a well ventilated area, preferably outdoors. · Wash hands after use and ensure gloves are worn. · Ensure chemicals do not become damp in storage. · When draining your pool or hot tub, thoroughly wash out the dispenser, dry and leave in a dry place to prevent wear.

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