A beginner’s guide to caring for your hot tub

October 6, 2021 / Sarah Watkins

While carrying out maintenance for your hot tub may not be your favourite thing to do, it is a crucial part of owning a hot tub and something that must be carried out regularly to keep your hot tub safe and sanitary.

Without regular care and maintenance, your hot tubs pipe-work will eventually develop a build-up of dirt and debris commonly referred to as bio-film that contains parasites, viruses, bacteria and mould – all of which are extremely difficult to remove. Having your hot tub serviced annually will help give you peace of mind that your hot tub is clean and safe to use all year round.

A question we are frequently asked by our customers is, ‘How often should I clean my hot tub?’, and ‘What does the ideal maintenance schedule look like for a hot tub?’. To help answer those all important questions, our latest blog highlights our hot tub care top tips and recommendations.

Carrying out regular maintenance is essential to keeping your hot tub working efficiently while also safeguarding the health of yourself and other hot tub users. To ensure longevity and safe use of your hot tub, we recommend following the below maintenance schedule:

Daily hot tub care

  • Add a registered sanitiser after use to maintain the sanitiser levels
  • Check and maintain sanitiser levels even when the hot tub isn’t being used
  • Check the water temperature
  • Ensure the hot tub cover is clean and secure

Weekly hot tub maintenance

  • Test sanitiser, alkalinity, and pH levels
  • Shock the water
  • Add stain and scale control
  • If necessary, and as required, adjust water pH and alkalinity
  • Wipe off debris above the water line to reduce contaminants
  • Rinse the filters (if needed)
  • Wipe down all sides of the hot tub and cover to prevent mould and limescale

Monthly hot tub maintenance

  • Clean the filters properly
  • Check that jets are working to full capacity

Quarterly hot tub maintenance

  • Clean the pipes
  • Empty and clean the hot tub
  • Remove and install a new or clean filter
  • Refill water
  • Add chemicals and test levels
  • Clean hot tub exterior walls

Annual hot tub maintenance

  • Inspect your hot tub’s hardware and wiring
  • Inspect your cover for potential damage
  • Organise servicing your hot tub by a professional engineer

Did you know? Failure to have your hot tub serviced every 12 months will void your warranty on mechanical and electrical components.

As with anything, how often you clean your hot tub is up to the user, but it is imperative to the longevity of your spa and the health and safety of its occupants.

At Miami Spas, we offer several servicing packages for customers. This is not intended to repair a faulty hot tub, but to deep clean, test and make your hot tub a clean and safe place to relax in. To find out more about the servicing packages we offer at Miami Spas, visit our hot tub servicing page.